Best Family Lawyer Serving Blue Ash, Ohio

Going through a divorce or legal separation in Blue Ash, Ohio is a heartbreaking experience for everyone that is involved. Emotions run high, and each side wants to be sure that they get treated in a fair and equitable way that is beneficial to them in the long-run. But without the right guidance from a divorce attorney in Blue Ash, Ohio, this isn't usually possible. At Farrell Menard Law, we specialize in a wide range of legal matters related to all types of family situations like this. So we can help protect people from being treated unfairly. Some of the services that we offer our clients include:

Child Custody Agreements

A solid child custody agreement in Blue Ash, Ohio will ensure that the children of the couple that is divorcing will have some consistency as far as where they are living. This is very important because the change from staying in one home to suddenly living in two different ones can be traumatic for them if it isn't handled properly, especially if the parents decide to have joint legal custody of the children. A specific plan will be drawn up by a child custody lawyer in Blue Ash, Ohio that includes times and dates of where the children will be and when. It will include any special requests that either of the parents might have and arrangements for weekends and holidays. Drop-off and pick-up locations can also be added to it to make things simpler. Any matters concerning child visitation rights in Blue Ash, Ohio that have been a source of confusion will be discussed before the schedule is finalized.

Child Support

The topic of child support often makes people uncomfortable because so often people feel that they are treated unfairly when they go to court over the matter. Just because one parent is awarded sole custody of the children doesn't mean that the other parent has no further responsibility towards them. By law, they must provide financial support to help with housing, clothing, and other personal needs. But the amount that they contribute has to be enough that it can help care for the children properly without putting a huge financial strain on the parent that has to pay it. A starting amount might be decided on, but it may not be enough later on. And even the best family lawyer in Blue Ash, Ohio can't predict what amount the other parent is going to agree to settle on. Our team of lawyers is trained in delicate matters like this though. We can help parents who have been ordered to pay child support and those who receive it.

All Types of Divorces

Whether a person is interested in an uncontested divorce in Blue Ash, Ohio or a fault based divorce, we can help. Our team of lawyers can help handle sticky situations of infidelity or more serious grounds for divorce in Blue Ash, Ohio, such as abuse of a spouse or child that has led to an urgent need to separate. We can also make easy arrangements for couples who have decided to settle things on a more amicable basis. Our main concern is doing what is in the best interest of our clients and their loved ones, so we will never encourage actions from either side that could cause further harm. All resolutions are kept as peaceful as possible.

Prenuptial Agreements

We have one of the best divorce lawyer offices in Blue Ash, Ohio, but we also help people who are considering marriage by preparing a prenuptial agreement in Blue Ash, Ohio. These agreements act as a form of protection for those who have accumulated wealth and property that they don't want to lose if anything ever happens to their marriage. Unfortunately, most places in the United States have laws that specify that everything must be divided in half if a couple divorces. This means that even if the spouse didn't contribute to earning or accumulating any of the money, possessions, houses, or land, they will still get a share of it anyways. But if an agreement is signed ahead of time, precautions can be taken to safeguard all that a person has worked so hard for through the years. The prenuptial agreement cost in Blue Ash, Ohio is far less than the amount that could potentially be lost if a person doesn't have one. So it is a worthy investment to make to prevent greedy partners from marrying someone for a short time before they leave and take everything with them.

Family Disputes

Arguments over how to raise children, how to spend money, or accusations about abuse or harassment can tear a family apart. Both sides believe that they are right, and they both want things to go their way. The fighting is hard on everyone, especially the children who often get put in the middle of everything. When family disputes get to this point, it is best to call in the experts. Our team of trained attorneys can act as mediators to resolve these issues, so you can have peace again. If the other side refuses to come to an agreement about the matter, then we can handle that too. We have a wide range of legal tools that we can use to fight for our client's rights.

Abuse Cases

At Farrell Menard Law, we believe in standing up for those who can't stand up for themselves. We handle cases of physical or sexual abuse of children or adults because someone has to be strong enough to represent those who are suffering at the hands of others. Each person is treated with care, compassion, and dignity, not just whisked through the legal system. We also represent people who have been wrongfully accused of abuse by others.

When you need lawyers lookup legal representation that cares about you and your family. Farrell Menard Law stands up for those who can't defend themselves. Our trustworthy staff will fight for you and your children in the courtroom. And we won't stop until we know that you have gotten the best possible outcome.